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 Speaker Delete Kit - $125
  Cover with Charger Connector- $225
  Quick Release Battery Cover - $175
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Custom designs are our specialty and we welcome new product ideas.

Engineering Services:

DSE is a custom engineering one-stop shop. From electronic hardware design to PC software, mechanical design and production, to everything in between. Contact us for professional results - we will work with you to make sure you get exactly what you are looking for. 

Automotive Aftermarket: 

Using motorsport inspired materials and design processes DSE is able to bring the automotive aftermarket closer to IndyCar, USC, F1, and NASCAR. Many OEM and aftermarket parts would not live up to the standards of professional motorsport. Our goal is to provide products that improve the strength, weight, function, fit, quality, and appearance of the OEM or aftermarket part using design techniques and materials that have been race proven. We will not produce something that does not significantly improve upon the original design. Our attention to detail and continued passion for motorsport and automotive performance means you'll get a high quality product at a reasonable cost.

 Coming Soon:

Intake Heat Shield for Gen IV and V Vipers  

                                                    Existing Product Line:                                                

Dodge Viper SRT-10:

   DSE-VP-SD-001 - SRT-10 Speaker Delete Panels                                                 $125.00
        - Replace speakers with these panels when not using radio.
- Removing radio and speaker components saves 17.4 lbs.         
        - NO DRILLING!! Uses all OEM holes. Direct Bolt-In 


   DSE-VP-BA-001 - SRT-10 CNC Aluminum Quick Release Battery Cover                                      $175.00
        - Quick Battery Access for Convenience, Safety, and Emergency Situations        
        - NO DRILLING!! Uses all OEM holes. No modification of car whatsoever, car can easily return to stock.
        - Remove panel in seconds, not minutes. Requires common Phillips screwdriver instead of Torx bit.
        - Perfect for Track or Street Driven Cars: Lighter and Stronger Than Stock
        - Low-Gloss Black Powder Coat Compliments Interior
        - Stainless Steel and Aluminum Aircraft Grade Quick-Release Phillips Head Fasteners         
        - Includes Mounting Points for Bulkhead Mount Battery Tender Connector, P/N DSE VP-BA-002  

    DSE-VP-BA-002 - SRT-10 Quick Release Battery Cover  with  Battery Tender Connector:    $225.00
        - Includes features of DSE-VP-BA-001 
        - Quick, Convenient Way to Keep the Battery Charged - No Open Hoods, Windows or Hatches        
        - Connector is Accessible Through Rear Vents Above Diffuser, Just Plug Battery Tender In         
        - Hardwired Directly to Battery Using Ring Terminals for Most Electrically Efficient Charging Possible         
        - Strong Powder Coated Black Aluminum / Stainless Steel Bracket Mounts to DSE Battery Cover         
        - SAE 2 Pin Connector with Cap (Battery Tender Compatible), Car Battery Harness with 7.5A fuse 
        - No modification of car, ring terminals on car harness attach directly to OEM battery lugs       
        - Total Weight of DSE-VP-BA-002 is Lighter Than OEM Steel Cover Plate 

          Click Here To Download Specifications and Installation Instructions for Battery Cover and Connector

                                                            Installed DSE-VP-BA-001 Battery Cover

                                                          Installed DSE-VP-BA-002 Battery Tender Connector