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Custom designs are our specialty and we welcome new product ideas.

Engineering Services:

DSE is a custom engineering one-stop shop. From electronic hardware design to PC software, mechanical design and production, to everything in between. Contact us for professional results - we will work with you to make sure you get exactly what you are looking for. 

Automotive Aftermarket: 

Using motorsport inspired materials and design processes DSE is able to bring the automotive aftermarket closer to IndyCar, USC, F1, and NASCAR. Many OEM and aftermarket parts would not live up to the standards of professional motorsport. Our goal is to provide products that improve the strength, weight, function, fit, quality, and appearance of the OEM or aftermarket part using design techniques and materials that have been race proven. We will not produce something that does not significantly improve upon the original design. Our attention to detail and continued passion for motorsport and automotive performance means you'll get a high quality product at a reasonable cost.

   Anodizing, Ceramic Coating, and Powder Coating Services
- Send your parts to DSE for finishing
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DSE carries over 140 automotive and motorsport performance product lines. Contact us today for a quote to see how we can help with your next project.>>> DSE Product Lines

Please contact us for quote on any of our product lines (full list above).

                                                     Existing Dodge Viper Product Line:                                                  

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More Gen V Products

Reproduction of the OEM ACR Extreme splitter and diffuser extensions.
        - OEM parts were laser scanned and reproduced in CAD for 100% accuracy 

        - Splitter extension: all stainless steel nut inserts 
        - Diffuser and splitter extensions cut from OEM material and are black with a textured / matte finish

  DSE-VP-EA-001 -  ACR Extreme Splitter Extension (splitter only, no hardware)                             $375


  DSE-VP-EA-002 -  ACR Extreme Diffuser Extension Kit  (contains 6 diffuser strakes)                 $525

  DSE-VP-EA-003 -  ACR Extreme Splitter and Diffuser Exension kit (7 total pieces)                       $900

Improve the airflow through the radiator and/or airbox and clean up the look of the engine bay on 2008-2010 Gen IV Vipers with the DSE carbon fiber closeout panel.

        - Direct bolt on for 2008-2010 Vipers, non invasive = NO DRILLING
        - Will fit 2003-2006 Vipers but may contact hood vents on the underside of the OEM hood.
        - Carbon fiber construction with a UV stabilized clear coat 100% hand laid in the USA

- Two configurations available, standard and "ram air"  to feed the intake via the the Gen IV hood. 
        - Laser scanned CAD design for precise fit.

  DSE-VP-CP-001 -  Gen IV (2008-2010) Standard Closeout Panel                                                                 $545

  DSE-VP-CP-002 -  
Gen III / IV (2008-2010) "Ram Air" Closeout Panel                                                         



  DSE-VP-CC-002-SVK - Gen V (2013+) Single Can Vented Catch Can Kit                         OFFROAD ONLY $495

  DSE-VP-CC-002-DVK - Gen V (2013+) Dual Can Vented Catch Can Kit                        OFFROAD ONLY    $745

  DSE-VP-CC-002-SSK - 
Gen V (2013+) Single Can Sealed Catch Can Kit                                                        

  DSE-VP-CC-002-DSK - Gen V (2013+) Dual Can Sealed Catch Can Kit                                              

   Include an intake heat shield with catch can order  (free shipping) :                                                         $470 $435

Oil from the PCV system can be ingested into the intake manifold and airbox, contaminate and reduce flow through the air filter, reduce the effective octane rating of fuel, increase chance of knock, and reduce power.

        - Direct bolt on for 2013+ Vipers, non invasive = NO DRILLING
        - Aluminum / stainless steel construction with type III black anodize and powder coating

- Universal clamping bracket allows mounting in multiple locations 
- Complete kit provides all plumbing needed, no searching for fittings or hoses

   DSE-VP-HS-001 - Gen IV and V (2008-2015+) Airbox Intake Heat Shield                                                     $435
  Heat Shield for Gen IV Viper
  Heat Shield for Gen IV Viper (Canada Shipping)
  Heat Shield for Gen V Viper 
  Heat Shield for Gen V Viper (Canada Shipping) 

Reduces Intake Air Temperature (IAT) caused by a hot airbox heating incoming air.  Ceramic coating greatly reduces airbox and tube heat soak. This reduced IAT increases power by providing cooler air to the engine and reduces pulled timing by the ECU.  

        - Direct bolt on for 2008-2010 and 2013+ Vipers
        - Aluminum construction with high quality black ceramic coating for thermal insulation. 

- Weight is less than 4 lbs. 
- Aluminum airbox thumb screws included, all other hardware is stainless steel.  
- Adjustable upper / lower shield account for some vehicle variance, etc. 

Airbox Accessories (all but nut clips are included in heat shield purchase. OEM nut clips can be reused):
DSE-VP-HS-002 - Gen IV Anodized Aluminum Airbox Screws  (set of 2, replaces  OEM 04708180)    $25.00

DSE-VP-HS-003 - Gen V Anodized Aluminum Airbox Thumb Screws  (set of 2)                                        $25.00

DSE-VP-HS-004 - Gen IV Replacement Nut Clips (set of 2)                                                                              $5.00

DSE-VP-HS-005 - Airbox Drain Plug (Included with heat shield, replaces OEM P/N: 05038304AA)      $5.00



   DSE-VP-CL-001 - 
SRT-10 Gen V Intake Manifold Compression Limiters (set of 20)                              $120.00

The Gen V Intake is a great modification for the Gen IV Viper (power / weight / heat) , however, the OEM compression limiters are not compatible with the Gen IV heads. 

        - Adapts the 2013+ Intake Manifold (P/N: 5038554AC, 5038554Ad, 5038554AE) to 2008-2010 heads 
        - Saves time and expense required to modify the Gen V compression limiters. 

- Flats on limiters provide a visual confirmation of alignment.      
- Increased clamping surface area. 
- Prevents manifold from being over compressed or damaged. 

 Click Here To Download Specifications and Installation Instructions for the Intake Manifold Compression Limiters


  DSE-VP-CC-001 - Gen IV Non-Invasive Radium Engineering Catch Can Mounting Bracket $175.00

  DSE-VP-CC-001-KIT - Complete Kit of Hoses and fittings. (please specify intake manifold)  $675.00
  2008-2010 Catch can kit for Gen IV OEM Intake Manifold
  2008-2010 Catch can kit for Gen V Intake Manifold 

A "bolt on" catch can solution for the 2008 - 2010 Viper.

        - Compatible with the Radium Engineering Competition Catch Can
- Clamps around the frame, padding reduces marking or damage to the frame. NO DRILLING!!       
- Easy and quick installation, two screws install the bracket.
- Lightweight, pocketed design machined from billet aluminum with a durable anodized finish. 

 Click Here To Download Specifications and Installation Instructions for the Catch Can Mounting Bracket 


  DSE-VP-SD-001 - SRT-10 Speaker Delete Panel Kit                                             $125.00

 A "bolt on" speaker delete kit for the 2003-2010 Viper.  

        - Replace speakers with these panels when not using radio.
- Removing radio and speaker components saves 17.4 lbs.         
        - NO DRILLING!! Uses all OEM holes. Direct Bolt-In 


   DSE-VP-BA-001 - SRT-10 CNC Aluminum Quick Release Battery Cover                   $195.00

 A replacement for the cumbersome OEM battery cover for the 2003-2010 Viper.  

        - Quick Battery Access for Convenience, Safety, and Emergency Situations        
        - NO DRILLING!! Uses all OEM holes. No modification of car whatsoever, car can easily return to stock.
        - Remove panel in seconds, not minutes. Requires common Phillips screwdriver instead of Torx bit.
        - Perfect for Track or Street Driven Cars: Lighter and Stronger Than Stock
        - Low-Gloss Black Anodized Aluminum Finish Compliments Interior
        - Stainless Steel and Aluminum Aircraft Grade Quick-Release Phillips Head Fasteners         
Click Here To Download Specifications and Installation Instructions for the Battery Cover 


  DSE-VP-BA-002 -
SRT-10 Quick Release Battery Cover  with  Battery Tender Connector:  $250.00

      A DSE battery cover with a hard mounted battery charger connector (Battery Tender and other brands). 

        - DSE-VP-BA-001 (see above) with an added quick disconnect connector system  
        - Quick, Convenient Way to Keep the Battery Charged - No Open Hoods, Windows or Hatches        
        - Connector is Accessible Through Rear Vents Above Diffuser, Just Plug Battery Tender In         
        - Hardwired Directly to Battery Using Ring Terminals for Most Electrically Efficient Charging Possible         
        - Strong Anodized Black Aluminum / Stainless Steel Bracket Mounts to DSE Battery Cover         
        - SAE 2 Pin Connector with Cap (Battery Tender Compatible), Car Battery Harness with 7.5A fuse 
        - No modification of car, ring terminals on car harness attach directly to OEM battery lugs       
        - Total Weight of DSE-VP-BA-002 is Lighter Than OEM Steel Cover Plate 

         Click Here To Download Specifications and Installation Instructions for the Battery Cover with Connector