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Doug Shelby Engineering specializes in electrical, mechanical and software engineering design. The majority of our existing products are motorsport and automotive related, however, we have experience with and welcome projects within other industries.

Let DSE quote your next custom engineering project – quality, value, service, and 100% customer satisfaction are our top priorities. 


DSE Is currently seeking motorsport engineering contract opportunities for the 2016 season. Please inquire for details and availability. We specialize in DAG, Assistant Engineering, electrical, data analysis, and other support engineering roles. 


The Gen IV Viper Closeout panels are now available for purchase.


DSE now carries over 140 automotive and motorsport performance lines, please contact us to see how we can help with your next project!

DSE Automotive and Motorsport Performance Product Lines


The Gen V Viper Catch Can Kits are now available for purchase.


The Gen IV and V Viper intake heat shield is now available for purchase. 


The Gen IV Viper bolt on (non-invasive) catch can mounting bracket compatible with the Radium Engineering Competition Catch Can. Full catch can kits are also available. 


Now available: Gen V intake manifold compression limiters for installation on Gen IV Vipers. 


New speaker delete panels for the Viper SRT-10. Save 17.4 lbs by deleting your radio with the help of these anodized aluminum delete plates. 


The second round of static Viper Intake Heat Shield Prototype Testing has been completed. Mechanical adjustments are being made, a new prototype will be manufactured and will be tested in the coming weeks. The goal is to reduce Intake Air Temps and increase performance. Next steps will include ceramic coating and testing on the street. 


Membrane steering wheel switch plates for the DW12 IndyCar. Existing design is for the Indy Composite Works carbon fiber steering wheel. Custom designs are possible. Includes Aluminum mounting plate. On track testing in progress


DSE is proud to offer the Reventec line of sensors. DSE is working with Reventec to develop new IndyCar specific sensors that will be available during the 2014 season. Please check their website at for details. 


The April 4th blog post from Gill Sensors features the DSE Indycar ARB Sensor. Developed in April 2012, the sensor continues to be used by many IndyCar teams to get reliable and accurate ARB lever position readings. DSE is always looking for new applications for Gill Sensors and is also an authorized seller of the entire Gill range. Contact us if you think you might have an application suitable for one of their sensors.


The DSE Viper SRT-10 Battery Cover with Quick Release Fasteners and Mounted Battery Tender Connector will improve the fit and function of your 2003-2010 SRT-10 Dodge Viper. Powder Coated Aluminum Battery Cover is lighter weight, quicker and easier to remove, and better looking than the OEM stamped steel version. The SAE 2 Pin Connector mounts below the battery plate and is accessible through the rear vents for quick connection to your Battery Tender. Simple installation uses OEM mounting holes and car can revert back to stock within minutes.


Congratulations to Charlie Kimball on his victory at the 2013 Daytona 24 Hours! Kimball transferred his DSE glucose interface system from the cockpit of his DW12 IndyCar to the Ganassi Riley/BMW for the event, helping him to race to victory. The DGI was developed less than one year ago to transmit the information from Charlie’s blood / Dexcom G4 back through the data system to pit lane. It has been in use since the 2012 Indianapolis 500.


MathWorks contracted DSE to create a demo kit that would allow them to show customers how their xPC Target hardware-in-the-loop simulation product could control a drill motor. The design had to be light weight, rugged, and have a professional look that could withstand the demands of a traveling unit. The components were incorporated into a Pelican case using a motorsport-inspired mechanical design.  


These anodized aluminum strain reliefs can be added to your download / jump battery loom after assembly. They clamp around the connector and provide much more surface area for the boot to grip, increasing the overall strength of the car-end connector assembly. The also help protect the connector from damage induced by dropping the loom and include a rubber cap / lanyard to protect the connector from the elements. These prolong the life and performance of your loom and reduce failures due to mechanical damage and water intrusion. These will be standard on all future download loom orders and are included free of charge on your 2011-12 download looms.


DSE has solidified a relationship with Gill Sensors, UK. In addition to future products tailored to specific applications utilizing Gill sensors (such as the IndyCar ARB and WJ sensors), DSE will be able to quote and supply standard and custom Gill sensors for your application. As a Gill reseller, DSE is happy to pass along cost savings realized from this relationship and provide sensors at lower than typical pricing. 


The DSE ARB Sensor kit is now finalized and the first units have run successfully during the Indy 500. The initial quantity of sensors was sold out and new stock will be available for purchase in early June. The kit, including all brackets, is cheaper than two string pots and will not wear out over time. Replacement / spare sensors are even more cost effective.   


DSE is in the process of developing a lighted pit stop sign which displays the car number in bright LED 7 segment style layout. Please contact for further details if interested.


The DSE short fill fuel system is constantly being developed to include new features. Tank level, fuel flow, and sensor based ‘full fill’ LED I/O are all possibilities. The system can accommodate multiple analog and digital I/Os. If you have an interest in replacing your current system please contact me with your requirements.


DSE was contracted by Charlie Kimball in January to create an interface between his Dexcom G4 glucose meter and the Pi LLB / LJB data acquisition system. A complete system was developed including electrical hardware, embedded software with USB and CAN communications, and a mechanical cradle to hold Charlie's glucose meter within his view while driving the car. DSE met the targeted completion date and the DGI ran during the Indy 500. Testing and development will continue at future events. For the first time ever Charlie's glucose levels can be monitored from pit lane allowing Charlie to focus on more important things (like driving his IndyCar at 220mph).


The DSE WJ sensor kit allows a Gill 60mm blade sensor to be mounted to the MEG WJ for detecting the position of the WJ after the MEG electronics have been removed from the WJ. DSE also offers WJ a conversion service to allow the MEG WJ to work directly from the Pi driver box.


The IndyCar battery is now more important than ever with multiple electrical systems on the car. The DSE range of lithium ion battery products tailored to the DW12 Indycar have been a huge success and are now used by over 2/3 of the IndyCar grid. These products manage the car battery to ensure it remains fully charged by utilizing multiple technologies that take battery chemistry and the increased current needs of the DW12 into consideration. The lineup includes: Jump Battery, Power Supply, Power Breakout Box, and Download Loom.


DSE Excitation Converters  are custom built with ASL connectors of your choice and convert 5V into 12V or 12V into 5V to improve wiring flexibility. DSE is also selling the aluminum / powder coated enclosure with customer specified connectors for a clean way to convert ASL connectors. This is a compact conversion solution to make your car loom more flexible to different sensor types for testing and race weekend running


The DSE 3-1 analog multiplexer will allow three sensors into one analog input. This flexible and lightweight design allows an extra two sensors to be placed anywhere an analog input already exists without the use of CAN, serial, or extra wiring. Common uses are upright / brake pad sensors on an oval. Reduce wiring weight, crash damage, and increase system flexibility. On-board math channels decode and separate the sensor signals real time.